Top Ten Reasons To Move To McBride

We are a picturesque, friendly town nestled between the Caribou Mountains and the Rockies. Whether you come for a visit or stay for a lifetime, you will always be glad you came!
Here are our top ten reasons to move your family and your business here:

10. Natural Beauty – McBride is in a wide valley surrounded by mountains. Rich farmland borders the Fraser river and the many hiking trails lead to a breathtaking view wherever you look.



9. Clean air and water – McBride has clean, fresh, uncontaminated air and pristine water. No pollutants, no smog – you can breathe easy in McBride.



8. Sports and recreation – ice rink with strong hockey and figure skating programs. Soccer, baseball, junior and many adult recreation programs to suit your lifestyle. Kayaking is a favourite as well as alpine hiking, white water rafting and bird watching. World class heli-skiing, snow mobile trails and cross country skiing make the Robson Valley a favourite winter recreation spot.


7. Arts and Culture – arts and culture are the heart of a community and the strength of a community is in its heart. Celebrating and remembering our heritage is important to the members of our community and McBride is home to many accomplished artists, crafters, musicians and performers. An artist collective runs the Whistle Stop Gallery, featuring local art and crafts. New members are always welcome. The Roundhouse Theatre hosts performing artists and musicians.

6. Education –  McBride has a strong academic program in its elementary and secondary schools with many of our graduates going on to college and university. Class sizes are small and the teachers and staff truly care about the success of their students.


5. Community – this is a community that cares. A wide variety of churches, social organizations, dedicated volunteers and service clubs work together to continually improve the quality of life for all of our residents. Strong seniors and youth programs ensure quality of life – no matter what your age.


4. Health – McBride has its own hospital, health centre, long term care facility, and seniors housing. With three doctors, a dentist, a dietician and alternative health practitioners to ensure round the clock coverage and excellent healthcare. Community market ensures that you have fresh produce and free range eggs. Eat healthy, live healthy. Quality of life in McBride can be a dream come true.

3. Travel – McBride is two hours south of Prince George International Airport, on the rail line directly to the Port of Prince Rupert, and six hours to Edmonton. McBride can be your gateway to the rest of the world. Whether you are traveling by rail or road, you can get there from here.


2. Cost – It can be less expensive to live in McBride. Property prices are lower here than many other places, business licenses, taxes and fees all reflect our business friendly attitude. Low cost, high value – the perfect formula for success.



1. Opportunity – there are an abundance of opportunities here in the Valley – for people wanting to start home based businesses, for service businesses, for trades people (plumbing and heating, electricians, mobile mechanic, computer tech, etc, etc) for entrepreneurs, for semi-retired people.


And finally, the best reason of all  – our people – Friendly, resourceful and eager to help you succeed. We are a community in every sense of the word. We care about each other and are willing to put forth the effort it takes to make it work, to support new business ventures, to welcome new people to the community, to include you and involve you.