Join your local Chamber of Commerce!

It is time, time for change, time for renewal, and time for progress – time to rejoin the McBride and District Chamber of Commerce. With your support, we can improve the future for your business and for our community.

Membership in the McBride & District Chamber of Commerce is nominal, and a net benefit for small business owners and operators. Your membership investment fee is tax deductible and you are eligible for the direct, tangible, economic benefits like credit card, accommodation and fuel discounts which can start immediately. Other benefits may include group insurance for extended health benefits and/or dental care at rates that are normally not available to a small company, including a sole proprietorship.

The McBride & District Chamber of Commerce is very fortunate to have willing volunteers who contribute to make our community stronger, more vibrant and establish us firmly as a community that is ‘open for business’. Working closely with Council, community organizations and all levels of government, Chamber volunteers help ensure positive, progressive action in the Robson Valley. Join with us and help to make a difference in our community today!

CLICK HERE for our Membership Renew Letter (pdf)

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