Feedback needed!

McBride BearsThe Robson Valley has gone through some big changes over the past decade. The McBride and District Chamber of Commerce has also changed over the years.We have taken a more active role in supporting the marketing efforts of all the business located in the Robson Valley. We have developed an online presence that allows us to be more responsive to the business community, we have entered into effective partnerships and we have expanded our membership. We have always represented the communities of the whole of the Robson Valley, from Dome Creek to Tete Jaune Cache, now we are considering a name change to reflect that inclusiveness. We need your feedback. Take our poll and tell us what you think!


Feedback needed! — 5 Comments

  1. The Robson Valley Chamber of Commerce sounds more inclusive of the rule population.

  2. Aside from membership fees, is the Chamber funded by taxes on businesses both in the Village and in the Regional District? Perhaps the name should reflect the major source of financial support.

  3. Sources of funds: membership fees, insurance commissions, 85% of business licence revenue (from the Village of McBride) fund raising – like the logger bonspiel, McBride Adventure Weekend, grants such as Canada Day, Regional District Grant in aide. Funds are used for general operating, Visitor Centre, events such as election forum, Canada Day, Emergency Responder, LB, MAW. So, after all that – the Chamber representation does cover more than the Village of McBride, and to a degree on ‘taxes’. I would be inclined to suggest not so much where the Chamber gets financial support as whom or where the Chamber represents.

  4. I’m enjoying the meetings and feel we are moving in a positive direction.

  5. I think from my experiences with travellers, newcomers to the Village, and other local groups, the name-recognition of “Robson Valley” is more widespread than is “McBride”. Do we actually have members from other RV areas? One who springs to mind…Gary and Wendy’s organic farming. I’m interested in inclusivity and offering invitations for more membership. But, I still maintain we should have more to offer not just more ways to “volunteer and go to meetings”. Joining a professional organization should encourage in tangible ways. Networking and enjoying the company of other business members/ sharing and supporting one another.