PST Transition

Are you ready for the return of the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) with all permanent exemptions on April 1, 2013? Even if you were registered for PST pre-July 2010 you will be required to register for PST again. Registration will be processed though the provincial government website, eTaxBC. This site will become the main point of contact for online registration, return filing and payment and account maintenance.

Although the PST system will revert to many of the same rules used before July 1, 2010, there will be a small number of changes; as before, there will be no PST on food, restaurant meals, gym memberships, movie tickets and any personal services e.g. haircuts, accountancy and realtor commission. Liquor sales will return to 5% GST plus 10% Liquor Tax, for both stores and restaurants. Tax on the private sale of vehicles, boats and aircraft will continue at 12% but sales will not be subject to GST. Hotel Room Tax will no longer be a separate tax; it will be combined with PST so guests will see 8% PST and 5% GST.  For more information visit:

PST tools and services that are now available to help keep businesses informed during the transition:

  • Book a one-on-one consultation with a ministry tax specialist
  • Participate in an online webinar covering the general principles of the PST and eTaxBC.
  • Call the toll-free number with questions about the new PST (1 877 388 4440).
  • Email questions to:

This information has been complied from the BC government and Small business BC Websites.

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