President’s Message 2013

Thank you for your confidence in electing me President of the McBride and District Chamber of Commerce. I am committed to representing you and the business community of the Robson Valley.

We are in this together. We have businesses, employees and families that depend on us. We know what it takes to sign the front of a paycheque – not just the back of one. Business is 24/7. We know that work doesn’t stop just because 5 o’clock rolls around or it’s a weekend.

We may be individuals with different needs but we have a common desire to succeed and to help our community succeed. We, all of us, put in the extra effort every day because our work is our passion. I care about you and your success. Tell us, and tell me, what you need, tell us what is missing and help us stay on the right track – I am depending on you for direction and common sense, and to provide brilliant ideas so the Chamber can help make them happen.

To accomplish this we need to work together. We need to be inclusive and respectful of each others opinions, even when they differ from our own. We need to seek out opportunities for discussion – the more heads we get around the table, the smarter we can be – we need to be open, honest and forthright.

Local businesses know that we serve more than those who live in the Village limits, our interests are broader and our responsibilities greater – we serve the residents and those who wish they were residents of the entire Robson Valley, from Dome Creek to Tete Jaune Cache.

Everyone – every business, every individual, is here to succeed, to support the community, and to receive community support. Share with us what works, and what doesn’t. Help us bring what you need into the Valley. Advocate with us, be a part of the force that drives our community forward.

I look forward to working with you in the year to come.


Dannielle Alan

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